Premier Private TOEFL® Course
All-Inclusive Tuition: Starting at $850

Personal Instructor. Personal curriculum. You make the rules. Precision Learning’s private courses make the TOEFL® bend your way. Not to mention, we build your confidence, too. So, are you accepted yet?

Your Premier Private™ TOEFL® course also includes free admissions counseling.*

Private Course With Curriculum Tailored to Strengths and Weaknesses
Come to Us, or We’ll Come to Your Library, Home – Wherever You Choose
Structured Live Course Hours Plus Hours of Supplementary TOEFL® Training
Guaranteed All-Inclusive Tuition (No Hidden Material or Enrollment Fees)
No-Interest Flexible Payment Options Available
‘Keeping Our Commitment’ Money-Back Guarantee
Reputation-Backed Higher-Score Guarantee
Bonus: Private Precision® Admissions Counseling Included*


Which private package should I choose?

That depends upon your goals. Some students are generally prepared for their exam, but feel the need to take a private course in order to fine tune some of their weaknesses. Or there may be certain imminent deadlines involved. These students may typically sign up for a shorter course. A typical Silver student – with two private sessions per week at two hours per session – would likely meet with an Instructor for up to five weeks.
Others may prefer an intensive immersion experience that goes into even more critical depth on methods and strategies in practice for their exam, or they may just have more time to prepare. These students may typically sign up for a longer course. A typical Rhodium student – with two private sessions per week at two hours per session – would likely meet with an Instructor for up to five months, or more. Any private course, however, can be adjusted to meet your schedule. If you’re not certain of where you stand, sign up for a free session to speak with one of our counselors, or, just give us a call.

Have Questions? Call 1-888-998-6335.

*Private admissions counseling included with all private courses above Bronze.


Which private package would you prefer?


Enroll Now80 Private Hours – Rhodium
$5199 (Payable in ten no-interest installments. 24% off Bronze rate.)

Enroll Now40 Private Hours – Platinum
$2799 (Payable in six no-interest installments. 18% off Bronze rate.)

Enroll Now30 Private Hours – Gold
$2250 (Payable in five no-interest installments. 12% off Bronze rate.)

Enroll Now20 Private Hours – Silver
$1599 (Payable in four no-interest installments. 6% off Bronze rate.)

Enroll Now10 Private Hours – Bronze
$850 (Payable in three no-interest installments.)

Free SessionIf you’re not quite ready.

Includes a personalized TOEFL® analysis that aligns you with your goals, an assessment to gauge where you stand in your preparation, a valuable mini-class with insight into the best methods to prep for the exam, and free bonus materials.

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  • Course Overview

    The Test of English as a Foreign Language



    Test takers can prove they are ready for academic success with the TOEFL® test — the most widely accepted English-language assessment test in the world. The TOEFL® test is accepted by 7,300+ colleges and universities in 165 countries.

    Using the latest technology, the TOEFL® test is given in an Internet-based format (iBT) that fully integrates all four language skills measured: listening, reading, speaking and writing. A paper-based test (PBT) is given where Internet-based testing is not available. With unmatched scoring procedures and security measures, the TOEFL® test is the industry standard in English-language assessment.


    Understanding Your TOEFL® Course


    Program Overview: TOEFL® Instruction

    Precision Learning: a place where quality, affordability, and excellence are combined, and where the result is nothing short of revolutionary.

    Precision Learning’s intensive and dynamic TOEFL® courses, both group and private, enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, speed-reading, reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing skills, and much more, while demystifying concepts that other TOEFL® programs leave behind – guaranteed.

    Precision’s 16-session Intensive Prep™ group courses and flexible Premier Private™ courses cover the key factors for true success on the TOEFL® – in-depth – containing rigorous training that help raise scores from several time-tested and proven vantage points.

    Precision’s TOEFL® courses work through an extensive array of TOEFL® preparation materials, including the newest edition of the Educational Testing Service’s Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test.

    Newly updated with an easier-to-read layout and an additional full-length test, the Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test is the only authentic TOEFL® test preparation guide created by ETS, developer of the TOEFL® test. This coursebook provides a comprehensive range of tips, practice exercises and skill-building methods to prepare you thoroughly for the TOEFL® test, including:

    Hundreds of real TOEFL® test questions and essay topics

    Three full-length, authentic tests

    Valuable tips and exercises for all four language skills tested – listening, speaking, reading and writing

    Detailed explanation of scoring and measurement criteria

    Qualified rater and test-taker commentary

    Precision’s course and coursebooks offer prospective college students intensive preparation for the TOEFL®, providing perspectives on the exam with a TOEFL® overview, advice on effective test-taking tactics, and a diagnostic test to help students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. The course intensively reviews all TOEFL® test areas, with practice exercises for each of the four sections of the TOEFL® – or particular sections for private courses. The course includes several full-length TOEFL® exams that reflect the actual TOEFL® in length, question types, and degree of difficulty. All exams are then scored and explained in order to assess progress throughout the course.

    Precision’s courses help you to master the four skills necessary for success on the TOEFL®, including:

    Listening Skills

    Speaking Skills

    Reading Skills

    Writing Skills

    Precision’s TOEFL® courses also develop speed-reading, time control on the TOEFL®, and other critical points for strategic success. Precision Learning students gain valuable experience, and dynamically raise their levels of confidence by learning critical concepts, methods, and test-taking approaches, by taking checkpoint practice tests, and by completing focused sets of practice questions just like those on the actual TOEFL®, all with the guidance of a superbly qualified Precision Learning TOEFL® Instructor.

    Tuition is all-inclusive and comprises of course registration, tuition, official examinations, coursebooks and other materials, CD-ROM, on-site parking, and post-course admissions counseling.

    Get the score you deserve – and get accepted with Precision Learning!

    Option 1: Intensive Prep™ TOEFL® Course (Group)

    In addition to our Premier Private™ TOEFL® instruction, Precision Learning offers on-site-based live instruction, with small, exclusive TOEFL® classes at both of our New Jersey locations.

    This 16-session course covers the key factors for true success on the TOEFL® – in-depth.


    Course Details

    Course Duration: 16 Sessions

    Maximum Class Size: 12 Students

    Average Class Size: 8 Students

    Full Tuition: $497 (includes 16-session course registration, tuition, official examinations, coursebook, CD-ROM, & on-site parking)

    Installment Plan Offered: $182 initial deposit. Two additional installments of $182. Save $49 by paying in full!


    Click to view the TOEFL® Intensive Prep™ Course Curriculum:

    Precision Learning - Intensive Prep - TOEFL CurriculumPrecision Learning TOEFL® Prep Premier Private™ Course | Exceptional TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes in New Jersey (NJ) | Precision TOEFL vs Kaplan TOEFL vs Princeton Review TOEFL vs Community College TOEFL


    Option 2: Premier Private™ TOEFL® Instruction

    Imagine. A Precision Learning TOEFL® course tailored precisely to your needs, that comes along with your dedicated TOEFL® Instructor, who will guide you to the achievement of your individual goals. It’s like having a personal coach walk you step-by-step through your TOEFL® journey. As a Precision Learning Premier Private™ student, you have the discretion to choose between a faster and a slower pace, and you are offered a great deal of flexibility in course scheduling and direction.

    With Premier Private™ instruction, one may be instructed alone, or in a group of up to three students – the choice is entirely yours. Study with your TOEFL® Instructor at one of our locations, at a local university or library, or at your workplace or home, for no additional charge.

    Above all – get dedicated, elite instruction, without the elite prices. And with our no-interest installment plans, it is now easier than ever to get the real help that you deserve. That’s just part of the Precision Learning difference.


  • Course Materials

    Required Course Materials

    The following coursebook is included with your TOEFL® course tuition.

    The Official Guide to the TOEFL® TestPrecision Learning TOEFL® Prep Premier Private™ Course | Exceptional TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes in New Jersey (NJ) | Precision TOEFL vs Kaplan TOEFL vs Princeton Review TOEFL vs Community College TOEFL

    The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test
    The Educational Testing Service

    Supplementary Course Materials

    The following are used for supplementary diverse training throughout your TOEFL® program.

    Delta's Key to the TOEFL® iBTPrecision Learning TOEFL® Prep Premier Private™ Course | Exceptional TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes in New Jersey (NJ) | Precision TOEFL vs Kaplan TOEFL vs Princeton Review TOEFL vs Community College TOEFL

    Delta’s Key to the TOEFL® iBT Test
    Nancy Gallagher

    Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® TestPrecision Learning TOEFL® Prep Premier Private™ Course | Exceptional TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes in New Jersey (NJ) | Precision TOEFL vs Kaplan TOEFL vs Princeton Review TOEFL vs Community College TOEFL

    Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test
    Jolene Gear and Robert Gear


  • Course Comparison

    How Precision® Lines Up


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    Precision TOEFL® Test Prep


    Princeton Review®

    Withdrawal Before Course Commences Partial Refund Minus Course Deposit
    Withdrawal After One Class No Refund
    Withdrawal After Two Classes No Refund
    Withdrawal After Three Classes No Refund
    Withdrawal After Four Classes No Refund
    Withdrawal After Five or More Classes No Refund

  • The Bottom Line

    It doesn’t get more personal. (Seriously.)


    Just You and Us

    Personal Instructor. Personal Curriculum. You make the rules.

    The Strongest TOEFL® Instructors

    Instructors from top schools. 97th-percentile scores. No exceptions.

    You Choose the Location

    Come to us, or we’ll come to your library, home – wherever you choose.

    Beyond a TOEFL® Prep Course

    It doesn’t end at the door. You get an all-around immersion experience.

    Learn from the TOEFL® Specialists

    We are not a test prep supermarket. Get real attention, from real experts.

    Competitive Advantage

    Save hundreds with Precision. Because education is expensive enough.

    Comprehensive Money-Back Guarantee

    We offer the most stellar Money-Back Guarantee around. Guaranteed.

    Reputation-Backed Higher-Score Guarantee

    If your score doesn’t go up, retake sessions, on us, or get money back.