Our Guarantee

Keeping Our Commitments.

Best money-back guarantee in its class.

We are entirely confident that you will be thrilled by your progress after completion of one of Precision Learning’s esteemed TOEFL® prep courses. In the rare circumstance, however, that you are not entirely satisfied after the first day of your on-site course, we will issue you a full refund – guaranteed.

If you continue your on-site course, but are not satisfied immediately following your fourth session due to documented circumstances that were preventable on our part, we will send you a 50% refund check of your full course tuition – guaranteed.

In the latter circumstance, all course materials, study guides, and multimedia that we have provided will still be yours to keep.

If you take a TOEFL® course with us, but your score does not improve by the end of your course, you will also be offered the opportunity to repeat two sessions of your course, on us, in lieu of the refund policy explained above. This also applies if you are enrolled in an Online Classroom™ course, where the traditional refund policy is also substituted with an opportunity to retake sessions, for free.

And it gets better. Take the TOEFL® test within six months of completing any one of our exceptional courses, and if you meet the higher-score goal that you declared when enrolling with us, send us a copy of your results, and we’ll send you a $50 check if you were an on-site Intensive Prep™ student, or a $100 check if you were a Premier Private™ student.

Consider that a small incentive to study even harder, and our gift to you for your success.

Because at Precision Learning, being exceptional is not our goal. It’s our standard.™

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions.

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Withdrawal Before Course Commences Partial Refund Minus Course Deposit
Withdrawal After One Class No Refund
Withdrawal After Two Classes No Refund
Withdrawal After Three Classes No Refund
Withdrawal After Four Classes No Refund
Withdrawal After Five or More Classes No Refund

Terms of Guarantee: The guarantee in place on the Precision Learning website supersedes all other versions of this guarantee. This guarantee, and its terms and conditions, are subject to change or expire. For your protection, changes and expirations will be made public via display on the Precision Learning website. You may also contact us for the most up-to-date information regarding our guarantee. The guarantee in place on the Precision Learning website at the time of enrollment will be upheld. For first-day withdrawal, refund requests will not be honored if solicited more than 24 hours after the conclusion of the first session. Post-first-session refund requests will not be honored if solicited more than two days after the conclusion of the fourth session, or if the student has been absent for more than one course session, including proctored exam days. Full course tuition is calculated based upon what was agreed upon at the time of enrollment, even if an installment plan was put into effect. With the exception of first-day withdrawal, refund requests will only be honored if there is a record of previous, unresolved concern via electronic transmission, mail, Instructor verification, or a clear record of no-improvement, based upon in-class proctored exam results and progress reports. While we work diligently to expedite each request, please allow 3-6 weeks for your refund to be both processed and delivered. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Please call 1-888-991-3926 with any questions.