About Precision Learning TOEFL® Prep

More Than Simple Prep.

Welcome to the Precision Experience.™

Get more than simple TOEFL® prep – we’ll run with you to the finish line.
From the moment you enroll, until test day, your score is our personal mission.

You Will Reach Your Highest Potential.

This is not a generic TOEFL® prep program. We won’t leave you behind at the door of your classroom. This is an all-around immersion experience.

You Will Only Work With the Best Instructors.

Others claim that they have rigorous hiring standards. Apply to Precision Learning, and you’ll understand the definition of rigor.

You Will Only Study in State-of-the-Art Classrooms.

Our campuses don’t have typical classrooms, we use upscale conference rooms. Not only are you worth it, but it helps your learning retention.

You Will Not Study in a Packed Classroom.

Some surround you by 50 frustrated students, all desperately seeking attention. We won’t enroll more than 12 students in an on-site class. Ever.

You Will Find a Perfected Perspective on the TOEFL®.

Our Instructors make use of diverse methods, and allow you to see the TOEFL® from several time-tested vantage points – for ultimate success.

You Will Not Be Tricked by the Term “All-Inclusive”.

All-inclusive means all-inclusive for non-virtual classes. Tuition, exams, coursebook, hours of supplementary practice, on-site parking, etc. Done.

You Will Not Go Broke Taking a TOEFL® Course.

You are already thinking about the daunting task of paying for school. So try our tuition (and no-interest installment plans) on for size.

You Will Be Satisfied, Or We Won’t Be.

We are proud to offer the best guarantees in our industry. Get a refund, even if your course has already begun. That’s how confident we are.

You Will Be Rewarded for Your Success.

Study hard. Take a Precision course. Meet your TOEFL® goal. Get up to a $100 gift check from us. Pay for a night out on the town. How cool is that?

You Will Score Higher on the TOEFL®. Guaranteed.

The bottom line: we are in the business of raising TOEFL® scores. If yours doesn’t go up, retake sessions, on us. Or get a refund. Simple.

The Best Higher-Score Guarantee

Only the Precision Experience™ turns your goals into our personal mission.

The Best Money-Back Guarantee

We consistently research all of the other guarantees out there, and beat them all.

Get Rewarded for Your Success

Premier Private™ students get $100 just for meeting their score goal on test day.

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